My most recent fascination is Waymo, the autonomous driving startup. For many years, there has been speculation on when self-driving cars will get on the road. Waymo’s public launch in Phoenix,AZ settles the question — it’s finally here!

The podcast with Dmitri Dolgov, CTO of Waymo is really interesting…

This year, I finished my PhD at MIT. As I sat there thinking of what to do next and evaluating different opportunities, I was approached by a company I hadn’t heard of before — Susquehanna.

For people who haven’t heard of Susquehanna, it is a global trading and technology firm…

The past few months have seen a flurry of announcements in the sustainability space. For years, companies have paid lip service but now things seem to be getting serious and real dollars are being committed.

Let’s look at 3 major pieces driving energy sustainability

Renewable Electricity Generation mainly Solar PV

Enormous amount of Solar PV manufacturing…

Dictanote is a note-taking app with built-in speech recognition capabilities. You can manually dictate text to transcribe it. However, this can be quite laborious.

One of the most requested features in Dictanote is to transcribe audio from a file via Dictanote. This involves playing the audio and routing the audio…

Download from the Chrome Webstore:

Typing on your keyboard is monotonous, slow and time-consuming. Voice In makes it easy by letting you do voice typing (dictation). The Voice In Chrome Extension builds on the Google’s speech recognition engine to create an effective voice typing tool for Chrome. Voice In…

Spell checking is critical particularly for while writing long documents. For the longest time, I have been hesitant to install a spell checking extension like Grammarly as it is added bloat. These will end up running on every site and slow down Chrome. However, it turns out you can enable spell checking directly within Google Chrome. Once enabled, you can use spell check in Dictanote too !

Step 1: Go to Settings chrome://settings

Step 2: Search for ‘spell’ in the Setting page. It will highlight sync and Google service. Click on that tab

Search for spell on Settings Page

Step 3: Scroll to the bottom and enable enhanced spell check

There is now a simple way to add Dictanote to your desktop and open it as a standalone app:

For people who can’t check the video, here are the 3 quick steps:

Step 1: Click on the Settings Menu (Top Right of Chrome window) and click on Install Dictanote

Just in time before the new year, we have launched a whole new version of Dictanote dubbed v2. This version makes a number of improvements to user experience:

  1. New Core: We addressed a number of pain points raised by users. On the UI front, the dictate button now stands out…

Today we made a big update to Dictanote adding a better dictation interface and support for Chrome on Android.

The UI normally has text editor functions:

Normal typing UI

However, once you start voice typing, you see something like this:

Adding a shortcut for Dictanote on Windows 10 is super easy. Just follow the 3 steps:

Step 1: Download Dictanote from the Chrome Webstore link.

Step 2: Open chrome://apps

Open chrome://apps

Step 3: Right click on Dictanote and select “Create Shortcuts”

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